Step Two

In one of your drawers put a piece of old comb or

A frame of old comb. A frame is a bit better because you can just put it in your hive if you catch the swarm quickly enough : )

Old comb really does draw a bees attention. Above you can see one trying to scavenge a bit of honey in the middle of the frame and it’s only April 9th. Bees were all over my old comb that I had in the shed and my nearest hive is 1/4 mile away. That’s why its rather effective bait for a swarm trap.

Should you want a chunk of old comb. Email me. I’ll send you out one for a couple bucks postage. Hopefully the mail man won’t completely smash it, but it really shouldn’t matter any way because you mainly want the smell. Bee’s have a very sensitive sense of smell.

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