Step Four

Next you need to drill a hole for the bees. It doesn’t matter much which side. Although the hole side will be downward when the swarm trap is installed. Bees tend to prefer a bottom entrance.

If you forgot to put some lemon grass oil in you can still do so. Just drop in in the hole. If you bought some swarm lure pheromones I’d just drop them in the hole too!

I’ve heard it’s best to get your trap 12 feet off the ground, but it’s more important to make sure that you can get to your trap safely. This trap is more like 5 feet, but that’s fine with me because it’s easy to get and check. You definitely don’t want to fall and drop a full trap of bees on yourself.

So to sum it up. We want a dark, slightly larger than 5 gallon place, that smells like old comb and lemon grass oil that is 12 feet off the ground. I would check traps once a week, and probably remove them (if you have time) after July.

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