Here is a list of resources that I will add to as I get time.


Here’s a link to the notes from the non alchohol fermentation class

Heres a link to the fermentation class notes 


Beekeeping Resources


Beesource forums  — Its the reddit and craigslist for beekeepers.  One of the best with great moderators and good advice


The beekeepers handbook –This book is a solid!!  You want a decent book on beekeeping I pick this.  Best stand alone book I know


Michael Bush website — I share a lot in common with Michaels beekeeping philosophy.  He’s posted everything for all to see on his site.  His book is good, and his site contains everything in his book.


Dave’s bees Mason block — Here’s a re-usable mason bee hive you can make with a wood block

Mason bee care —  Here’s a good place to look for mason bee care and set up.  There’s even a buyback program here.

Bumble bee guide — Here’s a pdf for a home setup to raise your own bumble bees in the spring.

Bumble bee tutorial on youtube — I liked this tutorial on bumble bee rearing

Monarch raising — I like this blog on monarchs.  Soon I will make my own.  Raising monarchs is easy and fun.

Best humming bird feeder — #1 for a birdfeeder is that it’s easy to fill.  #2 is that it’s durable.  This is my reccomendation for hummer feeding.


I put up a good set on how to build supers here.  Also I did a blog spot when that was easier to publish on this page.  Got wax renering and lip balm making plus more at


Plant Books

Foragers harvest – Samuel Thayer is a great forager and he lives in the Midwest. His books are the best for this area and I can’t recommend him enough!

Foragers harvest DVD – Goes with the book and Sam harvests each plant in there at the correct time of year. S

Natures garden – Sam’s 2nd book. Just as good as the 1st

Incredible Edibles —  Book 3, another great book

Pascal boudar — Dude!! If you want to level up your foraging by fermenting all those herbs you’ve learned and making concoctions!!  Here is level 2-20 for you    

Tom Brown Jr’s Field guide to edible and medicinal plants – Tom Brown inspired and continues to inspire me to be the teacher and outdoorsman I am. His books changed my life and his plant book is a classic.

Euell gibbons – Another batch of classic books. I suggest stalking the wild asparagus. I continue to read and be inspired by Euell’s wild food parties and way of life harvesting wild foods!

Peterson field guides – You aught to get a couple of these and include the poisonous plants venomous animals guides in your “go to” plant id books every time you forage. Let me say that again. You should compare everything you forage thoroughly with the poisonous plant look a likes.


Digital Plant Resources

Herbmentor — Fantastic website on using and learning about local plants, with instructional videos, interviews with herbalists, chat rooms, pdf, recipes etc. Worth the small fee for the trial membership. You can download everything there once you join and it’s a lot!!

Eat the weeds —  A really cool guy, into plants, who does YouTube’s that focus on different common edibles. All for free, all good stuff. Check his Green Dean YouTube section!

Herb fairies – A herbal study course for you and your kids. Stories of kids who shrink down to fairy size and heal sick elves and trolls with the featured herb. Includes color pages, herbal magazine, recipes, and video for each one. I have boys, don’t let the fairy thing make you think it’s for girls. Really great stuff for you and your kids. Easy and tasty recipes and remedies done by a master herbalist as a basis for the stories.

Practical primitive articles — Eddie Starnator is an amazing outdoorsman and has put together some of the best articles I’ve read on doing primitive skills with plants. Check this guy out.

tic tocs

Sam Thayers – 

 Alexis Nicole


Growing Plant’s Resources

Earthtainer — a great way for beginning gardeners to get weed free tomatoes and other things. It likes watermelon. Also kind of water intensive so get the rain barrel setup for a low footprint.

Baker creek seeds — This catalogue has the most fantastic color photos of heirloom non GMO plants that I’ve ever seen. It’s an awesome catalogue too full of a huge selection.

Seed Savers exchange  —  Great heirloom seeds.   They got an excellent farm to visit.  Check out the Herman’s garden donation program if you are a non profit.  It will not disappoint.  

Gourmet Seed — Great seed selection, large quantities for fair prices. It doesn’t have the pics of baker creek, but you get the extra seed because of the lower catalogue production cost. I consider this one more for the garden pro’s although I love my baker creek.


NAFEX – North American fruit explorers links. Links to all sorts of heirlooms plants good sources.



Backyard chicken forum —  If you want to know about chickens. Here it all is. A whole community that’s all into it. Check out some of the threads. Kind of like the beesource of chickens.

cconly — Really good chicken equipment. I totally suggest using bucket waterers in the summer months. Here’s a link to cconly’s video on their water nipple.


Favorite Outdoor Resources and Books

Tom Brown Jr. —  Anything by Tom is awesome. He is the one who began my journey on all this wild stuff and he continues to be my inspiration to become more and more of a fanatical naturalist. If you haven’t, you need to read one!! I can not recommend these books enough. I continue to go to his school to help or learn. I put Tom first for a good reason here!

Tom Browns Tracker school — If you can. You should make it a point to take the standard class at the Tracker school. Then take a Philosophy 1. I can’t think of anything more transformational. So much good teaching and knowledge and If you’ve seen anything I teach, it’s nothing compared to this place. The online classes are nice, but if you can you should go to the school for the week long class. It’s a huge experience!!

Wilderness awareness school — This amazing outdoor school has an amazing home study course called Kamana, fantastic audio for bird language and reclaiming your natural connections, and good books to further your study. John Young was one of Tom Brown’s first students and has mentored and built an amazing community of people in the northwest.

Practical primitive — Eddie Starnator is a top notch instructor. I’ve been watching his school grow and he has really developed some high quality courses! Has some good books too.

Four e’s education — Fantastic kids programs and courses. Created by Tom Brown Jr. to offer courses for children and their families. Provides week long and weekend programs for youth and their families.

Earth heart — Malcolm has been an awesome teacher for me!  I love all his programs. Earth-Heart programs and retreats, run by Malcolm Ringwalt, focus on a holistic, mind/body/spirit approach to health, healing, and personal and spiritual growth. All Earth-Heart programs and retreats are designed to put you on the path of your heart and your own Inner Guidance.

Encyclopedia of country living — Very good, very comprehensive book on all things to do with sustainable living/homesteading skills, gardening, fermentation, animal raising, food storage, and so on.

The joy of home wine making — Favorite wine making book.

Wild fermentation — Good fermenting book.

Bulletin of primitive technology – Amazing articles. This bulletin rocks the primitive skills like no other!


Favorite Science Resources

Biology corner — The most excellent biology resource, divided by chapter. I recommend going to the AP section to download ppts.

Anatomy corner — Part of the bio corner that’s just as awesome for anatomy.

pbworks — An anatomy collective share for teachers.

Mr. Guch’s calvocade of chemistry — This guy has all you need for excellent chem labs and resources. — Paul is my favorite resource and the best for AP Chemistry and beyond. He has put some serious love and care into his lessons and gives it all away. Explore this site and enjoy. Check out his AP institute page for links from other instructors too.


Science Video

HHMI holiday lectures — For a serious nerd on advanced science

Periodic table of videos — A video for every element!  They did a great job.