IIntroduction to Beekeeping


Beesource forums  — Its the reddit and craigslist for beekeepers.  One of the best with great moderators and good advice

The beekeepers handbook –This book is a solid!!  You want a decent book on beekeeping I pick this.  Best stand alone book I know

Michael Bush website — I share a lot in common with Michaels beekeeping philosophy.  He’s posted everything for all to see on his site.  His book is good, and his site contains everything in his book.

Dave’s bees Mason block — Here’s a re-usable mason bee hive you can make with a wood block

Mason bee care —  Here’s a good place to look for mason bee care and set up.  There’s even a buyback program here.

Bumble bee guide — Here’s a pdf for a home setup to raise your own bumble bees in the spring.

Bumble bee tutorial on youtube — I liked this tutorial on bumble bee rearing

Monarch raising — I like this blog on monarchs.  Soon I will make my own.  Raising monarchs is easy and fun.

Best humming bird feeder — #1 for a birdfeeder is that it’s easy to fill.  #2 is that it’s durable.  This is my reccomendation for hummer feeding.

I put up a good set on how to build supers here.  Also I did a blog spot when that was easier to publish on this page.  Got wax renering and lip balm making plus more at http://fitzpatrickfarm.blogspot.com/

Sources of bees

On the horizontal hive site they sell the swarm lure tubes and lemongrass oil.  Click here

— I will post on making your own swarm trap soon. I definitley reccomend catching wild bees

Package bees: Make sure your town allows you to keep Bees before you order!  

Order early! I would suggest by end of February

Suggested sources  

Havard Egg and Feed Contact Sue for Bee packages Pickup only Contact Sue at 815-943-4837

http://harvardfeedstore.homestead.com/Bee_Order_form_2018.pdf  http://harvardfeedstore.homestead.com/Bee_Order_Information_-_page_2_order_form.pdf

For pickup at Dadant and Sons Watertown Wi

Contact is Brian Lox  blox@dadant.com   Form found here https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4fbgj7p_EOuY1ZKTU5mbDIwM3oxRlp3X05EeWNHcUVEV2NZ/view?usp=sharing

Karl Braun Independent Beekeeper located in Belvidere Il.    815-543-1317  He expects to have bees ready May 1st. 2# $105, 3# packages $125.

Walter T kelly bees — come in the mail to you


If you have further questions please contact Dan Fitzpatrick

fitzpatrickfarm@gmail.com or 815-440-2684

Instructor bio

Dan Fitzpatrick 

Dan has been keeping bees for 15 years.  He is entering his 18th year as a high school teacher with dual certificates to teach all subjects of Science and Agriculture.  Dan is a 5th generation farmer with experience growing commercial crops, livestock, bees, orchards and maple sugar. He has also taught at Lorado Taft field campus as part of the outdoor education masters program, is a master naturalist for the University of Illinois and is part of Tom Brown Jr.’s tracker school apprentice program.